About the project

Dear friends!

 My name is Yerlan Yspenbetov and I am from Almaty. At the moment I am the director of the «Tengri» sport club and the head of the web-portal TENGRISM.KZ

 I am a musician and financier by education, but I independently study the history and culture of the nomadic peoples of Eurasia. In recent years I began to study in more detail the worldview, philosophy and faith of the ancient Turks, trying to find answers to my questions, namely:

1) how did the Turkic empires, khanates, dynasties manage to conquer and leave their cultural and linguistic mark on the vast territory of Eurasia, from the Arctic to the Indian Oceans and from the Pacific Ocean to the Danube?

 ** After all, starting from the 200s to the e. nomads from the Great Steppe many times subjugated the strongest states of different times, China, India, Egypt, Greece, Russia, Iran, the Middle East, Korea, Indochina, and raided Japan, Germanic tribes and even the Great Roman Empire itself.


2) What was the unifying factor of the success of the Turks for a long period in the history of mankind?

3) Due to what reasons, such a huge and powerful civilization, starting from the 15th century  began to lose its position in the world arena and come under the rule of its own former colonies?

(at the beginning of the 20th century there was only one Turkic country in the world – the Ottoman Empire)

 4) If we had a glorious past, what future awaits us?

 5) What is the way of Tengri ?


Web-portal Tengrism.kz

To find answers I together with like-minded people founded the Internet portal https://tengrism.kz/ the purpose of which is a detailed study of our history, culture and ancestral faith – Tengri. To begin with I would like to express my opinion on the question whether it is possible to call people who consider themselves followers of the way of  Tengri  – Tengrians.  I confidently say – Yes! In this western term denoting people living according to the laws and ways of Tengri I personally do not see anything bad. On the contrary I believe that this name will help to confidently identify oneself in the modern and rapidly changing world!

Indeed one of the pillars of Tengrism is the development of science!

It was on the territory of the Great Steppe that the horse was domesticated, stirrups and boots with heels were invented for better control of it. For those times, this meant the same as the creation of the atomic bomb in the 20th century! Metallurgy was widely developed (the golden man from Issyk is the best confirmation of this), agriculture and distant pasture farming, which preserves better pastures for future use. The life of many peoples traditionally referred to as nomadic for example the Turkics in fact can be characterized precisely as distant-pasture animal husbandry since their migrations were seasonal in nature and were carried out within a clearly delineated territory belonging to the genus. Often they had permanent buildings that served for harvesting hay for the winter for livestock and housing for disabled elderly members of the group while the young for the summer roamed with the livestock in the foothills (jailau). That is our ancestors  who lived along the way of Tengri  treated nature with care and considered themselves just a part of the world and not its center!


In this I see the essential importance of Tengrism for the modern world, the development of science without harming nature! In my opinion modern Tengrians can do a lot to preserve nature through the development and improvement of alternative (“green”) energy sources. For this the website will pay special attention!

Also if you are a scientist,  musician, artist,  writer, sculpture

feel free to send your work to the email address kaztengrism@gmail.com and we will definitely tell you about you on the pages of our site!

At the moment  we have set ourselves the goal of making our website:

– the largest Internet portal in the world dedicated to Tengrism issues and to popularize the way of Tengri throughout the world.

– multilingual so that it can be read all over the world!

  (we will maintain English, Kazakh, Russian, French, Turkish, Azerbaijani, Hungarian, Mongolian, Yakut, Tatar, Bashkir, Karachai, Uzbek and Kyrgyz versions of the site.

– to develop its own YouTube channel on it where various conferences, cultural and sports events, interviews with scientists, art and sports workers who have made a special contribution to the development of Tengrism, presentation of scientific articles and video works will be broadcast. We ourselves will organize teambuildings, hikes and a kind of corporate events!

Our site has created its own sports club “Tengri” and now we invite everyone to participate in its development! Our sports community is dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles, culture and history. We are actively planning to develop football, basketball, volleyball, martial arts (boxing, wrestling, taekwondo, sambo, muay thai, karate, kickboxing) and national sports (kazaksha kures, kokpar).


First of all  we would like to pay attention to the most popular sport in Kazakhstan – football. A recruitment of players is already underway to participate in city, national and international tournaments. Moreover we want to hold the Tengri CUP football tournament this year and organize the Tengri World Cup international championship next year. Teams from Kazakhstan, Hungary, Turkey, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan and other countries will take part in this event. Our site is engaged not only in the study of history but also in the development of sports and culture among young people. Despite the fact that we opened recently we believe in the success and prosperity of our club! Welcome everyone!

the Art and Culture

In terms of the development of Tengri in art and culture we plan to create:

 1) create vocal and instrumental ensembles, choir and musical groups that would become a symbol of the revival of Tengrism

 2) to make a special section on the site dedicated to teaching everyone the Turkic writing and its popularization among the population.



How can sponsors and patrons support our project?

Ladies and gentlemen! Our website and club started their work recently and now we want to develop and improve our project.

 In the near future, we will regularly publish for you interesting, informative and historical articles from the world of history and culture concerning Tengrism.

 We do this for you and thanks to your feedback we know very well that you highly appreciate our work and are constantly thinking about how to make our project even more interesting, meaningful and comfortable.


There are not many Tengrians in the world, but at the moment we already have a small number of sponsors and patrons of art who really support the common cause with all their hearts. We do not ask you to pay for our work, but we will be very grateful if you support us!

 Yes, right now you can support our project and become a truly micro-investor of a worthy cause. And you will receive dividends instantly – as new articles on the pages of the Internet portal “tengrism.kz”.

 100, 5,000 tenge or 100 dollars will not matter to us, because every investment from your side is very important for us and will be immediately directed exclusively to the necessary needs of the project.




All those who support our project in the amount of 50,000 tenge and more we will include in the open list of the project’s benefactors, which we will never remove from the site pages in the Sponsors section!

Write your name and your family members in the history of the national Internet portal “Tengrism.kz” and the sports club “Tengri”!

We thank you in advance for your support!

Note: If you support us, then in turn we will also actively advertise your personal business projects (company, brand, etc.) on our website and in social networks!

*** if you have any questions, you can always contact me by number +7 702 598 70 3

The purpose of the project www.tengrism.kz

A detailed study of the history and culture of the nomadic peoples of Eurasia.

Tengrianism in the modern world

Organization of cultural events, teambuildings, meetings and joint trips

Acquaintance and communication between site members

Development of the Tengri sports club, which promotes a healthy lifestyle