Adaptation and implementation of ancient Turkic runes for modern turkic languages

Dear friends! We would like ask you to consider the concept of creating an alphabet based on Turkic runes for modern Turkic languages ​​and technologies as well as their introduction into everyday life proposed by amateur Turkologists Albert Khabibrakhmanov (Republic of Tatarstan) and Yerlan Yespenbetov (Republic of Kazakhstan).

(presentation in attachment)

If you are interested in our concept for the development and implementation of the Turkic script based on runes  then we will gladly take part in the development and creation of all technological applications for the early launch of this project. In turn  we would like to note that we are amateurs of Türkologists but we are ready to contribute to the revival of the Türkic writing and consider any options for cooperation and support.

Thank you for your time!


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Albert Khabibrakhmanov (Tatarstan)

Yerlan Yespenbetov (Kazakhstan)