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Hello! Our  WEB-portal studies history and tries to find answers to questions of concern to all of us namely:

  • How did the Turkic empires, khanates, dynasties manage to conquer and leave their cultural and linguistic mark on the vast territory of Eurasia from the Arctic to the Indian Oceans and from the Pacific Ocean to the Danube?
  • What was the COMBINING FACTOR of the success of the Turks for a long period in the history of mankind?
  • As a result of what reasons, such a huge and powerful civilization starting from the 15th century began to lose its position in the world arena and come under the rule of its own former colonies?
  • If we had a glorious past what future awaits us
  • Tengrism

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What is Tengrism for me?

  • First of all this is a worldview and science.
  • This is the desire of the ancient peoples of the Great Steppe to learn the laws of nature and study to live in harmony with it.
  • This is equality: after all according to the laws of the way of Tengri, all people, animals, insects, etc. are part of nature (no one is above or below) and are born free.
  • Tengrism is not the national religion of only one ethnic group or people. It does not belong only to the Kazakhs, Yakuts, Hungarians, Mongols or Turks for example. Tengrism should unite all peoples of the Great Steppe! After all despite the existing borders between our peoples we still feel the proximity of cultures and traditions.🌍
  • In my opinion Tengrism is one of the earliest beliefs of humanity.
    The word Tengri (Tәңir, Tangra, Tanri, Tenger, Tenri, Dingir, Teiri, Tigir, Tengir, Tengeri) as well as the Sumerian “Dingir”, Japanese “Tenri”, Polynesian “Tangaroa” most likely come from the most ancient name of the supreme deity from prehistoric times.🌍
  • I support the opinion of the famous writer and Türkologist Murat Adji that the Turkic people (in the terminology of Adzhiev “steppe inhabitants”) were not an ethnic, but a
    religious community united by belief in Tengri
  • Many modern religions and confessions have taken a lot from Tengrism.
  • In my opinion the closest worldview to Tengrism is Japanese Shintoism. For example Japan is one of the strongest and fastest growing countries in the world while its people respect their history and traditions.
  • The Tengrian equivalent cross is the main symbol of Tengri and has many meanings. It is:
    Solar sign of the Sun ☀️
    The different cycles and periods of life⏳
    The harmony with nature and other faiths.🌲
    Tumar (Amulet)🥇

I am  the administrator as the head of the WEB-portal Tengrism.kz respect  all world confessions and religions. As a citizen of a secular country I have every right  in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 15.01.1992  No. 1128-XII “On freedom of religion and religious associations” to profess any religion or worldview!

I grew up in a family where first of all  they respect our primordial Turkic traditions and consider myself an adherent of the Tengri path! Our website is for informational purposes only. We do not call anyone to Tengrism nor do we offend the feelings and honor of Tengrians and Pagans in general!

The guests of our site are scientists, writers and ordinary citizens studying their culture and history from different cities and countries and the opinions voiced on this site are value judgments and are not aimed at inciting hatred, enmity, any humiliation of human dignity as well as a group persons based on gender, race, nationality, language, origin, attitude to religion, disability as well as belonging to any social group.

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